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Blood Relations Reasoning

The arrangement for determining the relationship based on the descendants of their forefathers between two or more people is called blood relations. In this type of question, there are links to any two or more people. On the basis of these relations, the relationship with another person has to be determined.

To solve these types of questions, it is necessary to know about the relationships that identify the relation on your own basis. Questions related to blood links should be resolved by removing the relationship in a phased manner. In order to solve such questions, the signs and diagrams should be used so that the relation can be made accessible.

In relation to blood related questions, take the related statement to the person whose relationship has been asked first, and reach the person using the least statements, which is related to the relationship. It is necessary to find out the gender of a person whose relationship is asked (male or female).

Prior to solving the problems related to blood-related relations, it is important to be aware of the following related facts.

Blood Relations Reasoning

Signs Before solving the problems of blood relations, men’s information is important to the following arrow signals

Blood Relations Reasoning

Two types of questions are asked based on blood type in different competitive examinations.

Type 1

In the questions based on language, different relations are expressed as a simple form with different names, on the basis of which you have to find the relation of a person relative to the other person.

Example 1. Introducing Garima, Rakesh said, ‘Her father is the only son of my father.’ Tell you how Rakesh is related to Garima?

(a) Brother (b) father (c) uncle (d) mama

Solution: (b) It is clear from the diagram that Rakesh is the father of Garima.

Blood Relations Reasoning

In the questions based on the code, different relationships are expressed through A, B, +, -, x, ÷ or other symbols, depending on which you have to find the relation.

Example 2. A is brother of B, C is sister of B, D is the brother of A. How B is associated with D?

(a) Brother (b) sister (c) Insufficient Data (d) None of these

Blood Relations Reasoning

Solution: The diagram does not make it clear that B is the brother of D or sister.

Example 3: If P + Q means P is the mother of Q; P ÷ Q means P is the brother of Q; P × Q means P is the son of Q and P – Q stands for P the sister of Q. Which of the following states that M is the sister of N ?

(a) Brother (b) sister (c) statistics are insufficient (d) None of these

Solution: (d)

Blood Relations Reasoning

The Diagram clearly shows that M is the Sister of N.