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British Relations with Mysore

▬ Hyder Ali became the ruler of Mysore in 1761 AD.

▬ Hyder Ali died in 1782 during the Second Anglo-Mysore War.

▬ Hyder Ali was succeeded by his son Tipu Sultan.

▬ Tipu assumed the title of ‘Padshah’ in his capital Sri Rangapatnam in 1787 AD.

▬ Tipu planted a tree of freedom in his capital Srirangapatnam and also became a member of the Jacobin Club.

▬ Tipu died during the Fourth Anglo-Mysore War in 1799 AD.

Chief war year governor general

First Anglo – Mysore War 1767-69

Second Anglo – Mysore War 1780-84 Warren Hastings

Third Anglo – Mysore War 1790-92 Carnavalis

Fourth Anglo – Mysore War 1799 Lord Wellesley

Important treaties

First Anglo – Mysore War Treaty of Madras 1769 AD

Second Anglo – Mysore War Treaty of Mangalore 1784 AD

Third Anglo – Mysore War Treaty of Srirangapatna 1792 A.D.

▬ Tipu died during the Fourth Anglo Mysore War in 1799 AD.

Note: Vandivas was killed in 1760 AD. In which the British defeated the French army led by Lali, led by Sir Eyrekut. .