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Clerical Aptitude

These types of questions are usually asked in SSC 10 + 2 Level / Bank Clerk. Generally the candidates consider this clause to be relatively simple and less important, due to which the possibility of mistakes can be increased while solving these questions. These questions are divided into four main categories

1. Address based questions
2. Questions based on the sample of serial numbers
3. Equality on the basis of column and row
4. Coinbreeding

Address Based Questions

In this section, The type of questions related to the name or address are asked. In these type of questions, usually given a basic combination of name and address, and in three such alternative combinations given in the options, only one combination can be just like the original combination. In other combinations, there is a difference from the original combination. This difference is usually subtle. It can be found after precise analysis. The combination in which there is no difference and which is similar to the original combination, the number of (1,2 or 3) is the answer. If any of the three given options does not meet with the original combination, then give answer (4) means none of them.
This can be understood by the examples below.

92 / B M P A I P M R by Kumari Kamala Singh
(a) 92 B M P A I P M R by Kumari Kamla Singh
(b) 92 B M P A I P M R by Kumari Kamla Singh
(c) 92 B M P A I P S R by Kumari Kamla Singh
(d) None of the above

None out of given options match with the original combination.

So the option (d) will be the answer.

Question based on model of serial number

There are six digits in this type of question. Usually, from the left, two digits are the code number of a center and the next four digits are the allocated serial numbers of candidates registered at centers, whose four options are given in the answers.

Find the right option, by the correct formulation of the serial number. It is suggested that separate the numbers under each center. As with the following question,
29 – 3150,5132,2732, 3080
35 – 4323, 2732, 3218,6791, 3592
And so on.

⇒ Instructions The first two digits of the table below indicate the number of gas agencies and the last four digits are the consumer number –

Clerical Aptitude Reasoning

Example 1. Which of the following agencies have the minimum consumer number ?
(a) 31 (b) 37 (c) 27 (d) 29

Solution: (b) The Consumer Number of Agencies is as follows
27 → 2595

29 → 2732

31 → 2808

37 → 2591 minimum number

Example 2. Which agency is denoted the minimum number of times?
(a) 27 (b) 29 (c) 39 (d) 31
Solution: (c) Agency 39 is only denoted twice, which is the lowest.

Similarity by column and line

In this type of question some numbers are given in different columns and rows. Find out that which of these lines / columns are related to each other in some way.

Example: Some numbers are given in different rows / columns. Which of these lines / columns is related in some way?

Clerical Aptitude Reasoning
Clerical Aptitude Reasoning

Coin breeding

In this type of question some letters of the alphabet are given in the first row, and in the second row, the digit is the digit number of the characters and the code letter of the digits. After this the questions have either alphabet and their code is given in the digits or points are given in the question and their encoded letters. There are four options in each question.

Type 1

⇒ Instructions The given word in each of the following questions is displayed in the following digit / character language:

Clerical Aptitude Reasoning

Example: What will be the code for S B M J D N?
(a) 3 5 2 7 8 4 (b) 4 8 3 5 2 6 (c) 5 4 1 6 8 9 (d) 6 8 5 4 9 2

Solution: (c)

Clerical Aptitude Reasoning

Type 2

In this type of question, letters from A to Z are given, and small letters are given below each capital letter, which are assigned as code. From the given options, the option that contains the capital letters of uppercase letters are the answers.

⇒ instructions – Letters are given from A to Z. Below each capital letter, a small letter is given, which is to be used as a capital letter code.

Clerical Aptitude Reasoning

In the below question, a group of 6 capital letters has been given and its coded form is given in column (a), (b), (c) and (d). Read the letter groups of each question and choose the correct coded form (a), (b), (c) and (d).

Example: G S U W V M

(a) chdqaz, mcfywp, osagbi, jlkwz, zrvlyh, gionfv
(b) whiukf, bitjzqm, adrtiy, volsfy, reicxd, mbuoav
(c) ulkpad, foiznj, vswgfo, apixyt, umidak, bjpaxf
(d) zomyak, ycpath, lowvxr, oxyjdh, kphvsr, iyzuwo

Solution: (d)

Clerical Aptitude Reasoning

∴ All of these characters are present in the group option (d), so the option (d) is answer.