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Direction Test Reasoning

The direction is a standard hypothesis that according to which the sun emerges on the east side is called the east direction, and vice versa. If we stand facing the sun during the sunrise, then the direction in front of us will be east, the back direction will be west and north and south and south direction.

Direction Test Reasoning
Direction Test Reasoning

Note – clockwise → right

Counterclockwise → left


1. According to the diagram shown here, if a person is standing at the middle point, then the north side will be north, southward, southward, east and left towards west direction. Similarly, the direction between north-west, south and west direction of north and west direction between south-west, south and east direction south-east and north and east direction north-east Believe it.

2. If we are heading towards some direction and turning from the point to the right, then we make an angle of 90 ° clockwise in the direction of the clock needle on its right Similarly, if it is to turn to the left, then turning the clockwise need to turn counterclockwise 90 ° angle.

3. At the time of sunrise, the direction of shading is fixed. The shadow is always in the opposite direction of the coming of the sun.

4. Since 12 o’clock in the afternoon, the sun’s rays fall flat on the earth, so there is no shadow at that time.

5. According to the Pythagoras theorem, the sum of the class of the perpendicular to the right triangle and the square of the base is equal to the square of its hypotenuse.
AB = base
BC – perpendicular
AC = Karna
AB 2 + BC 2 = AC 2 or base 2 + Height 2 = Hypotenuse 2

Direction Test Reasoning


Change direction We can understand different directional changes through the following diagrams


(i) clockwise rotation

Direction Test Reasoning



(ii) Counter-clockwise rotation

Direction Test Reasoning

Apart from this, change of direction can also be understood by another type.

Direction Test Reasoning

• If ‘1’ is answered in the north direction, then ‘2’ will be oriented to east, ‘3’ to south and ‘4’ to west direction (all directions rotate in 45 ° clockwise direction).
• If ‘2’ is oriented towards Western direction, then say ‘3’ to the north, ‘4’ to east and ‘1’ to the south direction (all the directions rotate in the 135 ° counterclockwise direction).Similarly, regarding the definite change of the other directions, this is well understood by the above diagram.

– Two types of questions are asked under direction test


Type 1

Under the direction of direction based , direction is sought from the starting point of a certain point while traveling in different distances and directions from any fixed point or from a certain direction.

Example: City A is pre-city B and is north of city C. In which direction is City C from City B ?(a) North-east (b) North-West (c) South-east (d) South -West (e) None of these

Direction Test Reasoning

It is clear from the diagram that the city C is in the south-east direction of city B.& nbsp;

Type 2

Under the distance , it is asked to distance from the starting point of a certain point while traveling distant directions from a certain point.

Example: Jatin leads 14 km west and then goes 3 km south. After that, it goes back 10 km towards the east. Tell me how far is it from my starting point?
(a) 12 km (b) 15 km (c) 10 km (d) 5 km

Solution: (d) The way of Jatin is as follows

Direction Test Reasoning

BE = CD = 3 Km
DE = CB = 10 Km
AB = 14 – 10 = 4 Km

Direction Test Reasoning

Hence: jatin is 5Km away from initial point.