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Northern Mughal Emperor History

▬ Guru Govind Singh supported Bahadur Shah in the succession war.

▬ Bahadur Shah’s former name was Muazzam.

▬ Bahadur Shah was called by the surname of Shah-ve-Khawar.

▬ Jahandarshah ordered a prostitute named Lal Kumari to intervene in his rule.

▬ Syed Pandhu Hussain Ali Khan and Abdullah Khan are known as rulers in Mughal history.

▬ Jahandar Shah was also called a dissolute fool.

▬ Farrukhsiyar has been called a despicable coward of the Mughal dynasty.

▬ Muhammad Shah was called Rangeela Badshah due to his extreme tendency towards beautiful young women.

▬ Turani soldier Hyderweg killed Syed Bandhu Husain Ali Khan on 9 October 1720.

States and founders who became independent from the Mughals

1. Awadh —– Saadat Khan

2. Hyderabad —– Chinkilich Khan or Nizam ul Mulk Asaf Jah

3. Ruhelkhand —- Veer Dawood and Ali Muhammad

4. Bengal —- Murshidkuli Khi

5. Karnataka —- Sadutullah Khan

6. Bharatpur —- Dooraman and Badan Singh

Note: Mughal emperor Muhammad Shah gave the title of Churhan ul Mulk to Saadat Khan. The actual name of the decoration Khan was Mir Muhammad Amin.

▬ Emperor Nadirshah of Iran (Persia) attacked Delhi in 1739 AD. At that time the ruler of Delhi, Muhammad Shah or Nadirshah, is called Napoleon of Iran.

▬ Nadir Shah returned to Karas with an amount of about 70 crores and Shah Jahan’s placards made of Peacock throne and Kohinoor diamond.

▬ The last Mughal rule to occupy the throne (the Peacock throne) was Muhammad Shah.

▬ During the reign of Shah Alam-11 (Ali Geetar), the British captured Delhi in 1803 AD.

▬ The third war of Panipat took place in 1761 AD between the Maratha and Ahmad Shah Abdali’s army. The Marathas were defeated in this war.

▬ Ghulam Qadir Khan got Shah Alam-II assassinated on 1806 AD.

▬ Bahadur Shah-II (Zafar) was the last Mughal emperor.

▬ Bahadur Shah Zafar was taken captive by the British for participating in the revolution of 1857 AD and sent to Rangoon.

▬ Ahmed Shah Abdali’s real name was Ahmed Khan. He attacked India eight times.

Northern Mughal Emperor

Bahadur Shah ——- 1207-1712 A.D.

Jahandar Shah —— 1712-1713 A.D.

Farrukhsiyar ——– 1713-1719 A.D.

Muhammad Shah ——– 1719-1748 A.D.

Ahmad Shah ———- 1748-1754 A.D.

Alamgir-II ——— 1754-1759 A.D.

Shah Alam-II ———- 1759-1806 A.D.

Akbar – II ————- 1806-1837 A.D.

Bahadur Shah Zafar ——- 1837-1857 A.D.