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Points to Remember


A.V.E.S. – Acute Viral Encephalitic Syndrome

B.C.T.T. – Bank Cash Transaction Tax

B.C.S.B.I. – Banking Codes and Standard Board of India

C.I.C. – Central Information Commission

C.S.T.O. – Collective Security Treaty Organization

CNLU – Chanakya National Law University

D.I.I. – Domestic Institutional Investor

DTH – Direct to Home

E.C.G.C. – Export Credit Guarantee Corporation

F.D.I. – Foreign Direct Investment

F.I.I. – Foreign Institutional Investor

GANDHI – Green Action for National Dandi Heritage Initiative

GUAM – Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Moldova

GAGAN – GPS Aided Geo-Augmented Navigation

H.P.A.I. – Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza

IAEA – International Atomic Energy Agency

IITE – India International Trade Fair

I.M.O. – Instant Money Order

IBSA – India, Brazil, South Africa

IRDA – Insurance Regulatory Authority

KYC – Know Your Customer

M.R.O. – Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter

N.A.D.T. – National Authority on Drugs and Therapeutics

N.C.C.C – National Council for Clinical Establishments

N.C.H. – National Consumer Helpline

N.E.I.A. – National Export Insurance Account

N.M.D.C. – National Maritime Development Programme

M.N.R.E.G.A. – Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act

N.J.C. – National Judicial Council

NOTE – National Organization for Tobacco Eradication

O.C.I. – Overseas Citizen of India

PETA – Peoples for Ethical Treatment of Animal

PURA – Providing Urban Amenities in Rural Areas

P.H.E.I. – Public Health Foundation of India

QIB – Qualified Institutional Buyer

QIP – Qualified Institutional Placement

R.L.D.A – Railway Land Development Authority

RTA – Railway Territorial Army

RTC – Round Table Conference

RTG – Radio-isotope Thermo-electric Generator

SCRAMJET – Supersonic Combustion Ramjet

SIM – Subscriber Identification Module

SWIFT – Society for World-Wide International Financial Transactions

SWOT – Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats

SYL – Sutlej-Yamuna Link (canal)

YWCA – Young Women’s Christian Association

UID – Unique Identity Number

UIDAI – Unique Identification Authority of India

VAT – Value Added Tax

ZSI – Zoological Survey of India

ZUPO – Zimbabwe United People’s Organization