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Puzzle Reasoning Notes

The meaning of making such difficult statements, even after being true, indicates a vague meaning, the meaning of these statements based on a sorted/tabular or logical viewpoint is called a puzzle.

There are many types of information in this type of question, which can be defined by dividing it into several parts and making the meaning clear, then the conclusion is made.

There are mainly two types of information.
(i) Static information: the information in which all information is tabulated.
(ii) Incomplete information: in which information is incomplete.

Before solving, the following things need to be kept in mind:

(a) First of all identify the statement in which maximum information has been given.
Synchronize from one statement to another.
There are many details in the same puzzle that need to be articulated in a sequential manner.

Question based on puzzle test can be divided into two types.

Type 1

In the questions based on the Blood Relations and Occupations, their business is also provided with relationships that are linked to each other.
⇒ Instructions Read the following information to answer the questions below.
(i) A family consists of A, B, C, D, E and F six members. There are two married couples in the group.
(ii) There are two engineers, a teacher, a sociologist and two artists in the community. Both engineers are having the same gender.
(iii) A and C have the same business.
(iv) The teacher has been married to Engineer and an artist has been married to a woman sociologist.
(v) A is an artist and E is a male engineer, both are unmarried.
(vi) ‘F’ is the husband of B.

The second statement having A whose gender is not known and is unmarried and the relation is also not known, it is written in the area of light from the dark area. like –

Puzzle Reasoning Notes
Puzzle Reasoning Notes

Example 1. Who has got married with the teacher?
(a) B (b) F (c) Ο (d) A
Solution: (b) Teacher (B) is the wife of F.

Example 2. Who is a sociologist?
(a) D (b) B (c) F (d) cannot be known
Solution: (a) D is a sociologist.

Example 3. Which of the following are married couples?
(a) CD and FB (b) CD and EB (c) FD and BE (d) can not be done
Solution: (a) FB and CD are married couples.

Example 4. What information is unnecessary in the above information?
(a) only (ii)
(b) only (iii)
(c) Both (v) and (vi)
(d) Nothing is unnecessary
Solution: (d) Nothing is unnecessary

Example 5. What is the business of B?
(a) artist (b) Teacher (c) engineer (d) sociologist
Solution: (b) “B” is a teacher.

Type 2

Based on status: In this type of question, the object or person has to know the answers by rearranging them.
⇒ Instructions Read the following information to answer the questions below.
(i) P, Q, R, S, T and U are six friends and are members of a club. These people play different sports football, cricket, tennis, basketball, badminton and volleyball.
(ii) T which is Teller than P and S, plays tennis.
(iii) The Tallest among them plays basketball.
(iv) The shortest of them is that it plays volleyball.
(v) Q and S neither play volleyball nor play basketball.
(vi) R plays volleyball.
(vii) In terms of height ‘T’, is in the middle of P and Q which plays football
Descending order of six friends U > Q > T > P > S > R

Puzzle Reasoning Notes

Example 1. What does S play?
(a) badminton (b) cricket (c) football (d) either Cricket or Badminton
Solution: (d) S either plays cricket or badminton.

Example 2: Which of these is Taller than R but shorter than P ?
(a) Q (b) T (c) S (d) information is incomplete
Solution: (C) S is taller than R but shorter than P.

Example 3: Which of these plays basketball?
(a) R (b) S (c) U (d) Q
Solution: (C) U plays basketball.

Example 4: Which of the following statements is not true?
(a) ‘T ‘is Taller than R (b) ‘U’ is Taller than Q (c) Q is shorter than ‘S’ (d) ‘P’ is taller than R
Solution: (c) ‘Q’ is Taller than S instead of Shorter.

Example 5. If they stand in descending order of height, who will be the third place?
(a) S (b) Q (c) T (d) P
Solution: (c) T will be on the third place according to height.