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Ranking Test Reasoning

Under this chapter, the relative position or category of some individuals/objects or places are given, which are based on the qualities which can be compared. In this type of question, more than two or more people or objects are discussed with their properties and the information given is disordered or indirect, which has to be arranged in a meaningful order. The given order is to be arranged in ascending order or in descending order.

Some important formulas are used to solve the questions based on order arrangement, which are as follows.

(i) Number of total persons in a class or line = (the position of a person from left or top) + (the position of from right or bottom) – 1

Example: In the classroom, Himanshu has 23rd place from top and 20th place from the bottom, so how many students are in the class?
(a) 42 (b) 40 (c) 41 (d) 43
Solution: (a) Total number of students in class = (23 + 20) -1 = 43-1 = 42

(ii) Location of a person from Right or bottom = (Number of total persons in line) – (Position of the person from right or bottom in that line) +1

Example: Manish is on the 20th position in the class of 50 students. what will be his position from the bottom ?
(a) 30th (b) 33rd (c) 30th (d) cannot detect (e) None of these
Solution: (e) Below Number of Manish = 50 – 20 + 1 = 31st

(iii) Location of a person from Left or Top = (Number of total persons in line) – (Position of the person from left or top in that line) +1

Example: Radha is at 15th place from the right end in a row of 30 girls. what would be the place of Radha from the left end?
(a) 17th (b) 16th (c) 15th (d) 14th
Solution: (b) Radha’s position from left end= 30 -15 + 1 = 16th