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Sitting Arrangement Reasoning

The method of establishing disorganized persons, objects and information in a certain order regularly, is called ‘seating arrangement’. In this type of question some groups of individuals or objects are given and their place is also given. The place of a person or object has to be known relative to another person or object. Any person or person can sit down as follows

Type 1

Linear Arrangement

In these type of questions, a line or a group of some individuals or objects are given on the basis of the information given you have to find the correct placement of each member. In the context of individuals, the right and left words are used.

Left→    ← Right

In the row or line, the left or the right will be the same as yours.
(i) When two rows or queues are facing towards each other, then on the right side of the first row will be left for the second row and the left of the first row will be right of the second row.

Sitting Arrangement Reasoning

(ii) In these types of questions, two lines are facing towards each other, in diagonally opposite directions.

Sitting Arrangement Reasoning

P, S and Q, R are diagonally opposite to each other.

Example: Five girls are standing in the queue facing towards the north. The Seema is between Rita and Shashi. Lata is immediately left to Rita. Rita is second from the left side. Priya is on one end of the queue. Who is on the other end of the queue?
(a) Seema (b) lata (c) Shashi (d) Rita
Solution: (b) Lata – Rita – Seema – Shashi – Priya
So, the Lata is standing on the other end of the queue.

Type 2

Circular Arrangement

Under these type of Questions, the persons or objects are placed in the circular order. Everyone is facing towards the center.

Sitting Arrangement Reasoning

Turning clockwise for left and counterclockwise for Right.

Example: Six friends A, B, C, D, E, and F are sitting around a round table in way that A is in between B and C. C is seated immediate Right to D. B is sitting between F and A, who is sitting at the immediate right side of F?
(a) A (b) B (c) E (d) D
Resolve: (c) The order of all friends is given below, so the E is at right of F.

Sitting Arrangement Reasoning

Type  3

square rectangular order

Under this, individuals or objects are kept in a way to create a square shape.  For Example, Sitting around a square table or playing cards.
The opposite ones are friends.

Sitting Arrangement Reasoning

In the hexagonal table i.e., the person who Sits at an alternate position is the companion of each other.

Sitting Arrangement Reasoning

In the above picture, A, C and E belong to one group, while B, D and F belong to another group.

Example: Four friends are sitting around a square table. Ramesh is on the right side of Suresh and Mahesh is on the left side of Lokesh. Which two friends are sitting opposite to each other while Lokesh is on the left side of Suresh?
(a) Ramesh and Lokesh (b) Ramesh and Suresh (C) Mahesh and Lokesh (d) None from above
Solution: (a) Lokesh Suresh Mahesh Ramesh

Sitting Arrangement Reasoning

So Lokesh and Ramesh are sitting face to face with each other.