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Syllogism Reasoning Notes

Syllogism is a Greek word, meaning to argue on the basis of estimate.

While solving the justice related questions, we have to reach on a conclusion based on two or more statements. Even if two or more statements do not agree with all the known facts, we still have to reach the conclusion after assuming it as truth.

Venn Diagram Method

With this method, we can reach the legitimate conclusions of justice. by Keeping these three successive key things in mind to solve the problem.
(i) Draw a different diagram of the given statement i.e. Venn diagram
(ii) Draw the diagram together as much as possible.
(iii) Any conclusions will be correct only if it is concluded based on the added diagram. also it is in conformity with the composite diagram and not contradict with any other diagram.

There are seven ways to demonstrate the propositions of all four types A, E, I and O, which are being given in the following table.

Syllogism Reasoning Notes
Syllogism Reasoning Notes

Statement: All flowers are beautiful. Some flowers are girl.

(a) few girls are beautiful.
(b) All girls are beautiful.
(c) All girls are flowers.
(d) None of the above


Syllogism Reasoning Notes

Conclusion (a) Some girls are beautiful. It is concluded by both diagrams.