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World Continents General Knowledge

Continents of The World

Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Europe, Australia and Antarctica are the seven continents.

Facts about Asia
Latitude : 10°S and 80°N
Longitude : 25° E and 170° W
Area: 44,579,000 sq. km. (approx 30% of the world)
Population : 4,299 million (est. 2013)
Oceans and Seas : Arctic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, Red Sea, Gulf of Aden, Persian Gulf, Gulf of Oman, Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal, China Sea, Yellow Sea of Okhotsk, Bering Sea.

Highest and Lowest Points: Everest (8,848 meters) and Dead Sea (-396.8 m) respectively.
Straits : Strait of Malacca, Bering Strait.
Lakes : Caspian Sea, Aral Sea, Lake Baikal, Lake Balkhash.
Islands : Kurile, Sakhalin, Honshu, Hokkaido, Taiwan, Borneo, Sumatra, Java, Celebes, New Guinea, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Bahrain, Cyprus.
Mountains : Pamir Knot, Himalayas, Karakoram, Kunlun, Tien Shan, Altai, Hindu Kush, Elbruz, Pontic, Sulaiman, Zagros, Taurus, Urals, Yablonovoi, Stanovoi.
Plateaus : Anatolia Plateau, Plateau of Iran, Plateau of Arabia Plateau of Tibet, Tarim Basin, Plateau of Mongolia, Plateau of Yunnan, Decan Plateau.

Peninsulas: Kamchatka Peninsula, Peninsula of Korea, Peninsula of Indo-China, Malay Peninsula, Indian Peninsula, Arabian Peninsula.
Deserts: Arabian Desert, Thar Desert, Gobi Desert.
Rivers: Eupharates, Tigris, Indus, Ganga, Brahmaputra, Hwang-Ho, Yang-tse, Si-kiang, Amur, Lena Yenisei, Oh, Irrawady, Salween, Mekong.

Important cities : Aden, Karachi, New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Colombo, Yangon (former Rangoon), Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City (former Saigon), Singapore, Manila, Guangzhou (former Canton), Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo.

Facts about Africa
Latitude : 35°S and 37°N
Longitude : 50° E and 17° W
Population : 1,033 million (est. 2013)
Area : 30,065,000 sq. km (approx.) 20.3% of the world.
Oceans and Seas : Indian Ocean, Red Sea, Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Guinea, Mediterranean Sea.
Highest and Lowest Points : Kilimanjaro (5,895 m.) and Lake Assai (-156.1 m.) respectively.
Straits : Strait of Bab-el-Mandeb, Straits of Gibraltar.
Lakes : Victoria, Tanganyka, Malawi, Chad, Rudolf, Albert.
Islands : Madagascar, Cape Verde Islands, The Comoros, Mauritius, Seychelles.
Mountains : Atlas, Drakensberg, Kilimanjaro.
Plateaus : Plateau of Africa – the entire continent is a plateau.
Deserts : Sahara, Kalahari, Namib.

Facts about North America
North America, northern continent of Western Hemisphere, comprising U.S.A., Canada, Central America and the Caribbean, on west high chain of mountains, lower range in east and central plains. Climate varies considerably owing to wide range of latitude and altitude.
Latitude : 7°N and 84°N
Longitude : 20°W and 180° W
Area: 24,235,280 sq. km (approx. 16.3% of the world)
Population : 529 million (est. 2013).
Major Deserts : Chihuahuan, Colorado, Mujave, Sonoran.
Major Lakes: Lake Superior (largest sweet water lake in the world), Huron, Michigan, Great Slave, Great Bear, Erie, Ontario, etc.
Major Rivers: Mississippi, Missourie, St. Lawrence, Mackenzie, Colorado, Hudson, Potomac Olio etc.
Oceans and Seas : Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Arctic Ocean. Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea, Gulf of California, Gulf of Alaska, Bering Sea, Hudson Bay.

Highest and Lowest Points : Mckinley (6,194 m.) and Death Valley (-85,9 m) respectively.
Straits : Bering Strait.
Islands : Greenland, Baffin, Victoria, Newfoundland, Cuba Jamaica, Haiti.
Mountains : Rockies, Appalachain, Brooks, Kuskolkwim, Alaska Range, Cascade Range, Coastal Range, Sierra Nevada Sierra Madre etc.
Plateaus : Columbia Plateau, Colorado Plateau, Mexican Plateau, Canadian Shield.
Agriculture : Temperate and tropical products, cereals, tobacco, sugar, beet, potatoes etc.
Minerals : Coal, petroleum, iron, manganese etc.
Industries : Ship building, occupied formerly by Red Indians; now mainly by Whites with many Blacks in the south.
Important cities : New York, Washington D.C., Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Mexico City, Havana, Kingston, Ottawa etc.
Climate: Extending to within 10° of latitude of both the equator and the North Pole, North America has every climatic zone, from tropical rain forest and Savanna on the lowlands of Central America to areas of permanentice cap, besides Sub-arctic and Tundra climates and arid as well as semi-arid zones.

Facts about South America
Latitude : 12° N and 55°N
Longitude : 35° W and 81° W
Area: 17,820,770 sq. km (approx 12% of the world).
Population : 386 million (est. 2013)
Ocean and Seas: Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Caribbean Sea. Highest and Lowest Points: Aconcagua (6,960 m.) and Valdes Penin (-39.9 m.) respectively.
Straits : Straits of Magellan
Lakes : Lake Maracaibo, Lake Titicaca
Islands : Galapagos, Falkland, Tierra del Fuego
Mountains : Andes
Plateaus : Plateau of Bolivia, Plateau of Equador.
Deserts : Atacama, Pantagonia
Rivers : Amazon, Orinoco, Paraguay, Parana, Uruguay

Important cities : Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Montivideo, Quito, Santiago, La Paz, Lima, Bogota, Valparaiso, Sao Paulo, Belem, Caracas, Manaus,

Facts about Europe
Latitude: 35° N and 73°N
Longitude: 25° W and 65° E :
Area: 10,530,750 sq. km (approx.) (7.1%); greatest length north to south 3,860 km; breadth cast to west 5,300 km.
Population : 733 million (est. 2013)
Oceans and Seas: Atlantic Ocean, Arctic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea, Caspian Sea, Black Sea, White Sea, North Sea, Norwegian Sea, Baltic Sea, Gulf of Bothnia, Gulf of Finland, Bay of Biscay, Aegean Sea, Adriatic Sea.
Highest and Lowest Points : Mt. Elbrus (5,642 m.) and Caspian Sea (-28.0 m.) respectively.
Straits : Straits of Gibraltar.
Lakes: Lake Ladoga, Onega, Peipus, Vanern, Vaitern.
Islands : British Isles, Iceland, Sardinia, Sicily, Crete.
Mountains: Alps, Pyrenes, Apennines, Dinaric Alps, Carpathians, Transylvanian Mts., Balkans, Caucasus, Urals.
Plateaus: Plateau of Bohemia, Plateau of Spain, Central Massif.
Rivers: Volga, Danube, Rhine, Po, Dnieper, Don, Vistula, Elbe, Oder, Seine, Loire, Garrone, Douro, Tagus. Ural.
Important cities : London, Paris, Madrid, Antwerp, Amsterdam, Bonn, Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm, Moscow, Frankfurt, Berlin, Warsaw, Venice, Athens, Budapest, Belgrade, Munich, Rome, Prague, Vienna etc.

Facts about Australia
Australia is an island continent and a British Dominion.
Latitude : 12° S and 38°S
Longitude : 114° E and 154° E
Area : 7,830,682 sq. km (5.3%).
Population : 32 million (est. 2009)
Oceans : Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean.
Seas: Tasman Sea, Timor Sea, Arafura Sea, Gulf of Carpentaria, Coral Sea, Great Australian Bight.
Highest Point : Puncak Jaya (4884 m) in island of New Guinea (Kosciuszko (2,228 m.) in Australian main land), Mt. Wilhelm (4509 m.) in Papua New Guinea.
Lowest Point: Lake Eyre (-15.8 m.)
Straits: Bass Strait
Lakes: Lake Eyre
Islands: Tasmania
Mountains : Great Dividing Range
Plateaus : Western Plateau.
Deserts: Gibson Desert, Great Sandy Desert, Great Victoria Desert, Simpson Desert.
Important cities: Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Canberra, Brisbane, Hobart.